Act with compassion

Acts of Compassion
One act of compassion every day can change the world. What will you do today?” Join Charter for Compassion Society of Jordan over the month of Ramadan to explore your definition of compassion and what is means to live compassionately, everyday.

Welcome to Our Community
We invite you to extend your affirmation of the Charter for Compassion by making a commitment. Compassion manifests itself in the world not by thinking, but by doing. Browse some of the suggested commitments, or enter your own. Whether learning more, volunteering in your community, or engaging in work that challenges your mind and spirit, every commitment makes the compassionate voice a more potent force in the world.

Affirm the Charter

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Get Involved Locally
The compassionate life is best lived in community. Let’s bring compassionate discourse to the forefront of Jordanian society.

Are you a teacher that is interested in introducing the issue of compassion in your classroom?
Would your school be interested in being one of the Charter for Compassion Pilot Schools?

What do Jordanians have to say about compassion?
What compassionate acts do you see happening in Jordanian society?
How can we change the current discourse both locally and internationally?

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Civil Society

The Charter for Compassion Jordan team wants your ideas.
How can we implement the Charter for Compassion in Jordan?

What is the relevance of compassion in the corporate sector?
Can the introduction of compassion training in the workplace increase employee adherence to company ethics?